I aim to work as a key business partner with clients to support their business growth.  Some cases studies are as follows:

Enhancing your profitability:  by helping to review potential new investments e.g. to lease or buy by providing detailed analysis, payback schedules and other decision making tools to support the process.  All this will aim to provide you, the client with the optimum and most profitable approach.

Maximising your liquid capital: business financing is critical to managing the ongoing sustainability of your business.  Generating regular cashflow forecasts and management information is essential to this.  I can help to provide these forecasts and provide tools and techniques to better manage the the firm's overall cashflow in a more efficient and effective way.

Reviewing a startup business to recommend the best financial setup. Planning for the move to a company and then ensuring the systems and processes are in place to meet the Companies House and HMRC requirements to avoid any missed deadlines and fines.

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